Swiss-Seed is a non-profit organisation and has taken over the tasks of the two former organisations SISP (Swiss Association for the protection of plant breeders rights) and VSSJ (Association of Swiss Seed Companies) on 1 January 2007.

Swiss-Seed has 27 members and represents the interests of the plant breeders and seed trade in Switzerland.



  • Develop and maintain relations with the official authorities and research stations and cooperation with other organisations connected with the seed industry.
  • Representation of Switzerland in international organisations such as the ISF (International Seed Federation), FLEUROSELECT, Euroseeds and CIOPORA (Communauté Internationale des Obtenteurs de Plantes Ornementales et fruitières de Reproduction Asexuée).
  • Continued training of the members and offering of services.
  • Cooperation with the responsible federal research stations and the federal authorities by assisting in establishing the Recommended Variety List, the official variety testing of seeds and plants as well as the organisation and implementation of variety protection.
  • Participation in technical committees and secure the capacities for certification and quality control.
  • Development and promotion of the seed trade, of vegetative and generative agricultural crops and ornamental plants by
    - Specifying quality standards VESKOF Norms
    - Organisation of the necessary control services
    - Organisation of an Arbitration Chamber based on the ISF Arbitration 

Swiss-Seed is divided in various sections


Swiss-Seed has been a member of the "Varieties for Tomorrow" association since February 2022

The "Varieties for Tomorrow" association calls for a differentiated and open discussion of new plant breeding methods - so that Swiss agricultural and nutritional science can continue to meet the high demands of tomorrow in terms of environmental impact.

Swiss Association for seed trade and plant breeders' rights


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